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We offer a range of herbal formulations, as well as our new organic cosmetic range.

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    Organic Herbal remedies and Cosmetics

    Special Herbal Formulations by Freda Dunn


    The products in this range have been formulated and are produced at the Clinic in an effort to provide the best possible range of products for my Clients. I have used the highest quality ingredients I could find, including certified organic herbs whenever they can be sourced. Most of the commercially made products do not contain high quality ingredients. Instead cheaper ingredients & fillers are used. In doing so they are not providing the best product for your health as well as not being ‘value for money’.

    My aim is to give my Clients the best herbal, vitamin and mineral products I can, AND at an affordable price. I do not wish to find out a few years down the track that the Calcium I had taken was ineffective and I had developed osteoporosis.

    As an example, Calcium Carbonate (Chalk or Limestone) is used in some commercial calcium formulations. Although it has a high calcium content, it is in a form which is difficult for the body to absorb. However it is much cheaper than the more expensive forms of calcium – which can be absorbed.

    When herbals are used in a product, I use the Complete Herb (in powder form). This differs from most commercially produced products as they are using the active ingredient (a part of the herb). This is extracted by soaking it in ethanol and water, evaporating the liquid off and using the residual powder/crystals and appears on the label as the name of the herb and underneath it says extract equal to so many mgs of the herb.

    Q. What is the problem with this method?
    A. It is not synergistic, which is to say it is not balanced in nature. The other ingredients in the herb act as a buffer in the body to lessen any adverse effects while still allowing the active ingredient to deliver the beneficial effects.

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