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Freda Dunn, qualified Naturopath

Freda Dunn’s Natural Therapies Clinic is run by Freda, a qualified Naturopath. Her clinic  has been operating on the Sunshine Coast for 25 years. Spending 20 of those years in Noosa, it is now one of the longest running  naturopath clinics in the area.

Freda Dunn, who has been involved with Natural Therapies on a vital level, was accredited back in 1991 and is a current Accredited Fellow Member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA). For many years, she also served as a Director of the Australian Natural Therapies Association. In 2011, she was granted lifelong membership for her service to the organisation, its members, and her outstanding work in the profession in general.

About Naturopathy

Naturopathy, a practice tracing back to the 1800s, is an approach based on principles of treating the body as a whole individual person, not simply treating affected parts. These concepts are based on principles that support the body having an innate ability to heal itself with the right support. This support is provided through the power of Nature, Therapeutic techniques, our emotions and even our minds.

Noosa Naturopathy Sunshine Coast Naturopath

Naturopath Noosa Sunshine Coast

Naturopathy may use herbal medicines for prevention and treatment, lifestyle guidance or diet and nutrition advice to help the body. Stress related ailments respond  well to these methods, as well as aches, pains, stress and fatigue. Because naturopathy is also preventative, it can work  for those who are healthy or those who are suffering from ailments. Because it does not discredit conventional health sciences, but rather complements them, it can be integrated into many personalised treatment plans and lifestyles.

Naturopaths are different from modern medicine in that they look to treat the causes of issues, rather than simply symptoms that result from the cause. They also look at the body as a whole and encourage personal responsibility among patients for their wellbeing by educating and guiding them toward healthier lifestyles.

The Freda Dunn Difference

Freda’s has 30 years of experience , Freda’s consultations are in depth, using the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach including 12 Chinese pulses, tongue analysis, iridology, muscle testing / kinesiology and her own observations. Her naturopath treatments include a wide variety of options including , Diet and Nutrition guidance, Homeopathy and Western  Herbal Medicine.

Aside from her experience practicing in the field, Freda has also seen the difference it makes in her own life. This  has led her to take a very individualistic approach when treating patients, as no two are the same.

“My career into Natural Medicine started with food and nutrition,” Freda says. “To this day I believe it to be one of the most important aspects in our search for good health,” she stated as she mentioned the health struggles she faced in her 30s. “I got so much information from many different sources,” she said, adding that so much of it was contradictory.

“One thing that I definitely learned from this time in my life was that to be healthy was the ultimate goal,” Freda stated. She then went on to learn more about Herbal Medicine and other modalities and has been helping others ever since.

Visit Freda Dunn’s Natural Therapies Clinic

Freda Dunn is recognised by most Health Funds such as Medibank Private, Manchester Unity, MBF, HCF, HBA, HBA, ARHG health fund group, Australian Health Management, etc. Her practice is located in the stunning Hinterland of Noosa, where she has been practising for over 20 years. Naturopath consultations may be booked at her clinic, and for more information contact us