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Calm peaceful surroundings in the beautiful Noosa HinterlandThis has become so prevalent these days and I have noticed that for the past few years there has been an increase in patients presenting with very high stress levels – including quite a lot of children and especially high school children who are mainly worrying about their Exams.

All this stress and worry can often develop into depression as the coping mechanisms become so over-loaded and then some people find themselves unable to snap out of their depressed moods. They often lay awake at night worrying about things too much. In the morning they get up tired, irritable and unable to cope with their daily routine.

Many of these people are unwilling to go onto medication for their problem as the side effects and long term use of this type of medication can be quite awful for them and most difficult to come off down the track. It can also lead to a lifetime problem. The following suggestions are a natural safe way of dealing with the problem.


The evidence for Acupuncture as a treatment for stress and/or depression is growing as more and more studies are being carried out. So far, several case series and controlled & uncontrolled trials have shown very good results. Acupuncture is also showing good promise at preventing relapse, as it is known that depressed patients often have low serotonin levels. By balancing the body’s energies, a lot of help will be experienced by the patient.

Correctly Formulated Herbal Medicine:

This has been found to be of great assistance with Worry & Depression and many trials have been conducted using Herbal formulae and placebos. The results from the Herbal remedies were very impressive and show a very good improvement in health for those willing to take them.

Also I have had good success using Homeopathic Remedies especially when I combined them with Herbal Remedies.

At this Clinic, Herbal Medicine can be either in liquid form and made as an individual formula for you, or you can choose a Herbal Formula using dried powdered herbs made into capsules, as some people find these easier to take. All our herbs are organically grown and the liquid ones are made with organic apple cider vinegar – with the ‘mother’ in it.

Good Food & Nutrition:

This is of great importance as depressed people generally don’t eat very well. Often they can’t be motivated enough to make anything but the easiest of meals and also have lots of takeaways. Unfortunately this only makes their condition worse, but getting past their mental state is very difficult for them.


Such as regular walking, yoga, tai chi, gym work etc. oxygenates the body and releases endorphins which assists in the feeling of well being. Being in a group of friendly people can also lift the mental energies so try to make friends at the Gym sessions or the other exercise classes and when walking invite a friend or two to go with you.

Quite often worried and depressed people also need help from family and friends to get them out of this depressed state. Gently but firmly take them in hand to encourage them to go for their walk – or go with them yourself. If they are not eating properly then make sure that they begin to eat good quality food and discourage them from getting takeaways.

Sometimes depression is a cry for help and who knows…one day we may need help too.

For more information on treatments and remedies for worry and depression, book a consultation with Freda Dunn qualified acupuncturist, naturopath and nutritionist on +61 7 5449 1811.